Enterprise Training in Europe at a glance

In the following section, all indicators of the Continuing Vocational Training Survey made available by Eurostat are offered as statistical maps.

The maps highlight differences in the values for the chosen indicator in Europe. They represent country values as a percentage of the average value of the 25 countries participating in the CVTS II Survey in 1999.

On the basis of the Second Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS II), Eurostat provides 334 indicators, namely 253 indicators on enterprises and its training policies, 10 indicators on participation rates, 25 indicators on training costs, 34 indicators on training hours and 12 indicators on the distribution of employees between training active and non-active enterprises. Data are available for 25 countries, the EU-25 average and the EU-15 average (member states of 1999).
The following tool offers you the opportunity to create overviews on the distribution for all available indicators. In the maps provided, the relation between a country’s value and the EU-25 average is represented, using six categories (Compare the sample map).
Data can be represented for country averages, for 20 sectors or for six size classes. A complete overview of all indicators available can found here. Data are available at Eurostat.

To produce your map:

(1) Choose your indicator.
(2) For countries' total, choose "total" in the next field after your selection of sector/size class.
(3) Chose your sector or size class or total for the country average.

After your third selection, the map will be produced.