What impact can one million euro of public co-funding have on a country’s average figures on enterprise training?
Using this question as a guiding principle, the following tool summarises the CVTS project results on government policies that support training in enterprises.
Results are discussed for five types of public support:
  • Co-funding of counselling offers on HRD and Training;
  • Co-funding of institutional settings for training provisions;
  • Co-funding of training projects of particular types (including cooperation projects);
  • Co-funding offers for enterprises’ training costs;
  • Additional tax deductions for training costs.
Results are discussed for each country, for each type of public initiatives to support training in enterprises. For each country, references on existing initiatives and links to examples in other countries are provided.
To access your sketch for an impact analysis, please select [1] your country, [2] the number (1-999) of million euro planned for investment and [3] your type of initiatives.
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